#thatsmyway is the video-competition for all Africans in Germany!

You are originally from Africa and now live in Germany? You show your friends the „African Way of Life“ everyday? If you do so, take part in our competition! If you are lucky you can win a free trip home sponsored by MoneyGram. What’s your way?


A lot of participants already uploaded a video – click HERE to see all the exiting and touching submissions.


One of the #thatsmyway-participants is Juliette Korb. She has lived in Germany for 18 years and is originally from Kenya.




Basilo Mbengue also uploaded a video. He was born in Dakar and grew up in Frankfurt. His father produces drums and shows this handicraft on expositions. Basilo wants to win the competition because it gives him the possibility to see his family in Kenya again.




Do you want to see your family again or to visit your home country? Take part in our competition!


All you have to do is upload a short video which contains answers to the following questions:


  1. Where are you from?
  2. Why and how did you come to Germany?
  3. What’s your advice for the community?


For further information click HERE


Good luck!