The Marvel series is now extended by a new comic, but this time with a special feature. Shuri, who we know more as a supporting role in Black Panther, will replace her brother and become the new Queen of Wakanda, the Black Panther 2.0.


When Black Panther, the current legitimate ruler of Wakanda, disappears on a mission, it’s up to Shuri to save the nation. Because in the wrong hands, the „source of progress“ could do great damage. For years, Wakanda – a fictitious nation in Africa – has been isolating itself from the outside world and posing as a poor Third World country. But heir to the throne Shuri prefers to test her own creations in her laboratory and not to take responsibility for Wakanda. Shuri has to decide between the well preserved Wakanda and her own dreams.


The new comic, in which the Black Panther’s sister gets her big performance, describes the further topic by Nnedin Okorafor and is painted by the drawer Leonardo Romeo.