Scheming, betrayal, drama, everything the Nollywood-heart desires can be found in these movies. From movies that’ll get you a big laugh to the saddest tragedy, there’s something for everyone…have a look:

1st Place: Naughty Police

As a police officer in this actionpacked comedy, Nollywood favorite Osita Iheme doesn’t put up with anything. Order must be kept, and under his watchful eye no one can get away with anything, nevertheless he’s taken for a ride which upsets him and forces him to take action…

2nd Place: Two Spiders

They drive their neighbours crazy, they get on their parents nerves: These are the brothers Tom and Jerry, who are full of mischief and terrorize the whole neighbourhood with their schemes. Now the neighbours want to go against them, will they be successful in bringing peace back to the neighbourhood?

3rd Place: Irresistible Houseboy

Kimora and Becky are sisters, who have a very handsome houseboy in their household. Both of them are in a secret relationship with him, without the other knowing. But when they both find out, that one of their friends is also going out with him, all hell breaks loose…

4th Place: My wicked Step-Mother

Mr Anchebe and his wife Rebecca couldn’t conceive a child for many years, then one day, they find an abandoned baby dumped in a bush, which they decide to take in and raise as their own. After some years, Rebecca does have children of her own and abandones the adopted daughter. Will there still be a happy ending for her?

5th Place: Dangerous Silence
A very emotional story about a woman who lost her whole family. Her father never trusted women and before his death, told his son-in law the reason why, not knowing that his daughter would be the one to suffer from it most.