Watched once and it’s already over…. Nollywoodmovies are too short and fleeting for you, and you would rather have something to watch in the long run? How about some Nollywood shows to let the day fade away comfortably? Here are the Top 5 Nollywood series, binge-watching guaranteed!

1st Place: The mysterious case of Delilah Ambrose

She defies with her persona…Delilah’s world becomes an open book the moment her husband dies. Stories of past men, stolen wills, mysterious disappearances and death are sensationalized in the biggest court case in the city. With her powerful Attorney Jason Attah (Michael Okon) at her side, Delilah Ambrose (Okawa Shaznay) fights to preserve what’s left of her mysterious identity and clear her name. Will Delilah be able to prove to all that she is nothing more than a misunderstood, sophisticated Woman? Or is she hiding a secret life that threatens all who fall prey to her? 

This is the mysterious case of Delilah Ambrose.

2nd Place: Shampaign

„Shampaign“ is a political drama series that follows the unruly lives of a young political campaign team, who work tirelessly to make political history by getting a single mother elected as the first female President of the Country, whiles dealing with their own personal demons.

3rd Place: Lekki Wives

Anything the boys can do, the girls can do better. Five Nigerian trophy wives hop between partners in a bid to maintain their glamorous lifestyles. They move up the social ladder in leaps. They hop on and off countless beds and enjoy the upside of being trophy wives…
They experience the price of change and must now find ways to deal with the outcome. 
A lot of dirty secrets are revealed in this drama series. It’s different. It’s real life. It’s authentic.

4th Place: Despearte Housegirls

From housewives to housegirls. A popular Nollywood film that was later translated into a TV series, Desperate Housegirls focuses on three young women fed up with their lives working in a local bar, or cafe. The women embark upon lives of seduction and deceit in a tainted bid to get rich.

5th Place: Jenifa’s Diary

A Yoruba-speaking secondary school dropout turned village hairdresser heads for the bright lights and the big city of Lagos in a bid to get a university education. Jenifa’s Diary is a comedy television series that depicts the hilarious and amazing adventures of Jenifa.