Different cultures, different morals and of course different food habits. Every country and every continent has their own traditional, special meals. We done a small Trip around the African cuisine in Germany.

Here are the Top 5 African restaurants in Germany

1. Nollywood Restaurant in Frankfurt

A small and finely made restaurant with an authentic west African/ Nigerian cuisine. The fresh prepared Meal, a friendly owner and a fascinating menu fills the expectation for an perfect African flair. The rooms in that restaurant are available for your own occasions. Give yourself a Nigerian treat in Frankfurt.

2. Im Herzen Afrikas in Frankfurt

A place far away from the workaday Life with a culinary ambiance in Frankfurt and Mainz. The delicacy from the East African Eritrea fascinates everyone over and over again anew. The special thing is to dive into a new culture and eat without cutlery and normal chairs. A breathe of Africa behind the restaurant door.

3. Ambiente Africa in Stuttgart

A culinary trip over the African continent with Family Yaccob in a traditional Savanna- Room. Eating in Africa means to eat with fingers, sitting on a colorful cushion in a hot area with handmade statues and figures. With all the absolute tasty food, prepared with a lot of love, this restaurant is African pure

4. Savanna restaurant in Munich


The Savanna restaurant offers the guests an authentic atmosphere with exotic Steaks made on the Lava-stone grill and other traditional, south African specialties. A big variety of Meat, like kangaroo and crocodile, is a treat for exotic-food-lovers, but for the vegetarian is the cuisine also great. The flying, big elephant-head over the entrance door welcomes the guests, which takes Africa to the roads of Munich.

5. Massai Berlin

For an experience, which stimulates all the sense, you should visit the Massai restaurant in Berlin. Africa in the middle of Berlin with excellent food from an extraordinary Goumet kitchen and an exotic Wine menu. The typical African ambient also conveyed the origin of the food. The selection of drinks is also African with traditional beer and wine. A promising trip to Africa without a plane.