The African literature is characterized by strife and wars. But it also features hope and changes. The body of literature consists of exciting, tragic and funny stories. Here our top 3 books that inspired us.

1st Place
Dust (2016)

The book „Dust“ by the author Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor tells the story of a family that threatens to break on his fate. The talented student Odidi Oganda is found shot dead in Nairobi. His family convert his corpse to their homeland, the north of Kenya. But the parents despair of the murder of their son. A family as torn as the country in which she lives. But on the horizon there is a shimmer of hope …

2nd Place
The Fishermen (2015)

In „The Fishermen“ author Chigozi Obioma lets the audience experience a tragic family drama. Benjamin and his brother start to fish in the forbidden river, since their father’s no longer with them. But the fish they catch are demons. A book full of intensity and tension.

3rd Place
Le Coup de la Girafe (2016)

This book is recommended for those who don`t want to read a novel about a tragic story. This book is full of action as the author Léo Grasset takes us to an eventful Safari in his book „Le Coup de la Girafe“. It’s a stry about animals of the savannah and their originalities. A pleasure for lovers of African animals!