In her home country South Africa, Thuli Madonsela became the epitome of peace and justice over the years, because just as Nelson Mandela, she stands for a moral and humanitarian improvement of the political and social conditions in South Africa.

From a young age on the studied lawyer commited herself to the resistance against the apartheid regime and therefore positioned herself as a strict enemy of the racial segregation, which was still present back then. In the course of her career she was involved in several historic memorable and pioneering incidents. She was not only the chairperson of the first free election in South Africa, but also member of the team of experts, that formulated the final version of the new South African constitution. The today 54-year-old Thuli Madonsela thus substantially contributed to the democratisation of her home country.

In 2009 she was appointed the first female „Public Protector“ by president Jacob Zuma, to defend the constitution of South Africa, to care for the compliance of legal policies and to reveal the potential misconduct of members of government or public authorities – a task, which she conscientiously pursued. That’s why she wasn’t afraid to publicly accuse the president of utilizing public funds for private purposes in 2014. Afterwards she became the target of Zumas supporters and of their threats, but she was never intimidated by them.

Because of her courage, her commitment and her struggle against corruption Thuli Madonsela was honored with the German Africa Foundation prize in Berlin on November 23rd 2016 and that with great justice, because thanks to her, South Africa deals critically with the decisions of the government now and openly discusses problems of corruption. And although her seven-year term as „Public Protector“expired this year, it’s quite certain, that the population of South Africa can also rely on her in the future.