His friends and fans know Tony Airhenbuwa as Tony Air, who is the program director at the African Heritage Radio FM 96.0 in Hamburg. Originally he is from the Edo state in Nigeria and has been living in Hamburg since 20 years.

He has a passion for good music and a sense of humour – so it is no surprise that he counts to the best-liked MC’s in Germany and whole Europe.

He established the programme „What´s up Naija“ at the TopAfric Radio in 2010. His aim was to build up an infotainment, which means an information and entertainment platform for Nigerian, African and German people from all over the world and to discuss with the listeners about the Nigerian diaspora plus to listen to good music. His dream was to entertain and inform Africans and Nigerians in Africa about the voices and talents in the African diaspora in Germany. He wants to make the African community proud.

„What’s up Naija“ is his medium to call attention towards issues and developments in his home country Nigeria and similarly creating a feeling of togetherness worldwide. The idea of creating this programme developed because he thought that no one could tell a story better than a Nigerian person on his own. His programme includes the latest news, music and African artists who are on tour in Germany. His guests were people like MC Loph, J Martins, Duncan Mighty, Fuse ODG, Castro & Nana Boro, delegation members from Nigeria and much more.

Tony Air says that show business has always been a part of him and his move to Germany made it possible to realise his dream. His competences as MC and Showmaster were helpful to overcome his early nervousness at live radio broadcasts and his love for music is also helpful to create a lively show.

„The show has changed my life positively in many aspects and I am thankful for all my fans worldwide“, he says proudly. „Without them, there would not be „What’s up Naija“ and Tony Air would not be as popular everywhere as now.“

God and his family are those, he is the most grateful for. „The best is yet to come and in the future, I will achieve even more with my love for music and for entertainment, for radio moderation and as a MC and Showmaster.“

He advices Africans in Germany to integrate in the German society because he thinks that this is the best way to improve their own life. He encourages them to learn the language and abilities, which could increase the living standard over here.

Tony Airhenbuwa has been honoured in 2013 at the Nigerian Europe Awards (NEU) in Spain, as the best radio presenter of the year. He got the same title in 2011 at the Merit Award, in 2013 at TopAfric and 2014 he was listed under the Top 100, as one of the most influential Africans in Germany. You can listen to Tony at his broadcast on African Heritage on Radio 96.0 FM.