In the last century, Kenya has established itself as one of the leading coffee makers in the market. This is a relatively recent event, as Kenyans used to prefer black tea to coffee. This is not surprising since the country was part of the British Empire. However, in the recent years Kenya has managed to develop one of the largest coffee industries in the world. The Coffee Research Foundation ensures that the latest innovations in production, processing and marketing are used in Kenya. The Kenya Coffee College also offers interesting training programs concerning these topics. And since we especially enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the stressful everyday life, today we present you the 4 best coffee houses in Nairobi, Kenya.


With 12 locations only in Nairobi, Artcaffé is considered one of the best coffeehouses in the region. There you will find a large amount of coffee and pastries as well as food and cocktails, if you want to visit the cafe later in the day. In addition, various events are organized in Artcaffé and on its website you will find exciting articles on different contemporary topics and personalities.

Java House

Java House is one of the oldest cafes in Nairobi. Its cozy atmosphere manages to attract coffee lovers in over 20 branches. Currently, Java House is being established in several other regions of East Africa.

Tin Roof Cafe

If you’re looking for a place to rest, then the Tin Roof Cafe is perfect for the aim. That’s so due to the fact that the charming coffee house is located in the middle of a green paradise, which resembles a fairytale. Home-baked goods and good coffee are also promised to visitors.

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Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Cozy and tasteful atmosphere can also be offered in Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co.. In addition to the delicious coffees and teas you will find a large selection of merchandise items in the coffee house. Thus, by buying an original cup, mug or garment, you can always remember the good moments in the beautiful Kenyan Cafe.

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