Today, we will present you another participant of the MoneyGram afrika! Community Award. The organisation shows great commitment and MoneyGram, one of the international leaders of money transfer, wants to reward such social dedication. The winners of the award receive a MoneyGram sponsoring for their project supporting the African Diaspora in Germany or Africans in their home country. This is how MoneyGram supports the African community and gives back to the people.

In 1992, Almut Jansen established the aid organization NAYAANYO Ghana e.V. because she wanted to help children in Africa, who suffer because of their situation and lack of education. Therefore, the organisation promotes better living conditions and help through various projects in Africa. Especially education for children in Ghana plays an important role.

Many families don’t have the money to support their children to guarantee a good education. Often, it is too expensive to afford things like school uniforms, school supplies or transportation to school. Therefore, NYAANYO Ghana e.V. supports the construction of schools, the training of teachers, the payment of school fees and school supplies.

In addition, the infrastructure is promoted by the construction of well for clean water and toilet facilities. The association also supports the promotion of the health system by setting up nursing institutions and training in hygiene skills.

Moreover, partnerships are established between various institutions and individuals in Ghana and Germany so people living in Germany can particularly support individuals in Ghana. Hence, food or medical needs within a family is provided.


Is your organisation or company active in Africa or supports the African diaspora in Germany? Then take part in the MoneyGram afrika! Community Award! You can sign up until August 31. 2018 and win a sponsoring from MoneyGram!