Billy Kahora is a Kenyan writer and has published a lot of successful short stories. For example Treadmill Love, Urban Zoning and Gorilla´s Apprentice. The short story „The Gorilla´s Apprentice“ won the Caine Prize in the year 2013, which is an award for the best, anglophone short story, written by an African author. Kahora studied Creative Writing at the Edingburgh University. Today he lives in Kenya and works for the literary network „Kwani Trust“. With regularly published articles he concetrates on the development of creative and literary writing in Afrika.

Besides, Kahora also works on film scripts, for example „Soul Boy“. The short story „The Gorilla´s Apprentice“ is about the teenager Jimmy, who visits regularly the gorilla Sebastian at the zoo. Jimmy wants to distract himself from his mother, who is addicted to alcohol. During this, there are parliamentary elections in Nairobi and a dangerous tension develops. Jimmy meets someone who can communicate with Sebastian but doesn’t want to be identified. This short story is somehow different from all the other stories we know and is full of tensions and variations. At the 29th of March there will also be a reading and a discussion about his short story „The Gorilla´Apprentice“ at the Theater im Bautum Cologne. You can get tickets here!

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