On 14th August a charity concert took place in the Elisabeth Church in Hude. By reason of collecting money for the orphanage Friede in Togo, the African Project choir was initiated by the choir head Alfred Stalling. More than 50 singers practiced during the past weeks for this performance. It is not a fix ensemble, because the only reason the people get together is to help the children in Togo. In cooperation with the association Deutsch- Afrikanische Zusammenarbeit (DAZ) Stalling and the other choir members want to renovate the orphanage and be a financial support for them.
The rehearsal was absolutely worth the effort. The church was just crowded, so that some visitors had to stand at the entrance to see the concert, even some people were send home.
The whole audience were really excited with the setting. 15 African songs were presented by the choir, which was an emotional experience for everyone despite the language problems. The thunderous applause and the proceeds shows the success of this concert.
The expectations were exceeded by far with a donation of 2888,71€, which completely go to the orphanage in Togo.
On 21st August the program will be presented in Delmenhorst. For all the people who missed the concert in Hude, here is another chance to hear some emotional African Music.

Don´t miss it!