This year in Munich at the 25th of March, there will be the „Moving Women Empowerment Conference“ at Gasteig from 12:00 until 18:00 o´clock. The motto is: „We make it – the future is in our hands“. The conference should be held each year from now on. The lectures of the conference will be hold in english and german language. The movement has the international aim to cause equal and better working conditions between men and women and to dare a change.  The event is for all the women worldwide and therefor speakers are invited with different backgrounds. Especially women from Africa will held talks, because the focal point is on hard working, african women who would like to fight for equality. On the same time there should be opened up new possibilities and alternatives for women.

The event convinces because of a high number of diverse talks. For instance there will be the fashion designer Rahmée Wetterrich from Munich, but roughly at the same time there is also the famous author Fadumo Korn, and an expert from the economy, Caroline Kouegoua. Also the organising team is a colourful mixture of women who have diverse occupational origins.

The highlight will be the award („Sonne Women of Excellence Awards“) which goes to a woman who is a role model for all the women. A honorary guest will be Dr. Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana who is best known in bavarian regional politics. She is on the board of different organisations and associations, which engage against violence and for women with a migrant background. She has already won a vast number of prices for her effort and activities for the wellbeing of women. Originally she is from Senegal.

All women from Germany are allowed to join the conference. Those who are interested in the program execution could find some more information here .