It is the 19th Africa-Caribic Festival in Aschaffenburg this year and the festival has already established all over Europe as the largest of its kind. Thematic key features of the five festival days in 2016, from 11th to 15th August, are still philantrophy, international understanding, joy of living and cultural exchange. The focus is moreover on integration and the communication of cultural topics and values. The festival which takes place since 1998 is based on these central aspects. It becomes very obivous considering the slogan „one race… human!“ which stands for the festival since almost 20 years now. Vistors can form their own opinion in August, convince themselves and get inspired of the special atmosphere on the festival ground in Aschaffenburg.

The event which lasts several days offers its vistors an interesting and varied program. A unique line-up with many internationally successful stars and a broad cultural and accompanying program caters for all tastes. There will be a huge bazaar with more than 100 traders from all over the world, a beach- and kids-area, a culture stage with acrobats, drumming shows and more as well as selected culinary delicacies. Not without reason the event in the beautiful city of Aschaffenburg attracts more than 60000 visitors every year.

Also the line-up with the following 21 top acts is very impressive: Joris, MoTrip, EES, ASD, Miwata, Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline, Jaqee, Seven, Ohrbooten, Sean Paul, Beginner, Gestört aber Geil, 257ers, Julian Marley & The Uprising, AZAD, Georg auf Lieder, I-Fire, Treesha, Bengio, Tschebberwooky and Sido will give the festival a very individual flair. The numerous international stars of the music scene wow their audience every time anew, they are very successful and got many awards already. Joris for instance who won 3 echos, Germany’s most successful rapper Sido or Sean Paul who will perform his show on Friday. Furthermore, newcomer like rapper MoTrip or the hip hop group Beginner from Hamburg will be among the acts, too. On Monday, the DJ-duo Gestört aber Geil and the German hip hop duo 257ers will finally contribute to an adequate festival closing.

The 5-days-ticket costs 94,50€ (including fees), 1-day-tickets are available for 37,50€ (including fees) and the bazaar- and culture-ticket again costs only 10€ (at the door while supplies last). For further information about the festival and tickets sales, please check out and 0180/ 60 50 400.