The federation of Nigeria was granted full independence from the British Parliament on 1st October 1960. On 07th October 2016 is the perfect opportunity to celebrate that occasion in Berlin. An extravagant Party with plenty of Nigerian and other African Specialties.

The most wanted Naija DJ will attend the Party as a special Guest who make the dance floor quake. There will also be other professional Djs like Timothy Bongo Bongo, Abakasukooooo, DJ Pam Bam and DJ Jamiie who know exactly how to make the party swing with all the best music.

The Party also includes live performances from Bella Garcia, Lorenzo Premier, and some more.

To pepping up the Nigerian Flair there would be a Dress code: It is of course the African traditional attire: smart, elegant in green and white.

FOR ALL LADYS: Enter free of charge until 11 pm

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