The chairman of NIDEO (Nigerians in Disposera Organistation Europe) Kenneth Gbandi asked his members to update their membership fees. This also had a very specific reason why he referred again to the rules and to the forthcoming Annual General Meeting, which would take place on 8-10 November in Vienna (Austria).


NIDEO is the European arm of a glaobal Nigerian disposition network, which was founded in 2000. It is the largest network for the gathering of Nigerians worldwide and forms an „umbrella“ for them. The aim and vision of the organisation is to work together with Nigerians, to let them get to know each other and to build a „network“, but also to identify those who make their knowledge available to support Nigeria’s national development. The organisation is inviting parties to the meeting to give them the opportunity to tell the public about their plans for Nigeria in relation to the forthcoming parliamentary elections for the election of the president and the national assembly and their plans for cooperation with the Disposa.


The problem now is that those who do not have the membership fees up to date are not allowed to „fight“ in the voting and in the positions.