The Pan-African Music Conference ACCES, short for Music In Africa Conference for Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases, will be held for the third time this year. After Ethiopia and Senegal, Kenya has now been chosen as host. The event’s aim is to allow the exchange of ideas within the continent’s music industry.


This year’s ACCES host city Nairobi:

Visitors of the conference include musicians, promoters, record labels, NGOs and many more. A variety of workshops, discussions, presentations and networking possibilities are offered to the different groups. Last year, people from over 40 countries attended ACCES in Dakar, Senegal’s capital. Naturally, visitors do not miss out on music itself. 2017’s live performances included rapper Didier Awadi, trumpeter and saxophonist Christine Kamau and singer Baaba Maal. Additionally, the artists give talks on their life as musicians.


Talks on the carreer of musicians can be very helpful for newcomers.

The non-profit organisation Music In Africa, MAF, has brought the event to life in 2016. This year, they stated, the ACCES 2018 program has a new format to improve targeted networking and successful exchange of ideas between artists and industry. This aims at both local and international participants. The possibilities of their future cooperation can be talked about in the numerous discussions offered by the event.

ACCES offers intercultural possibilities with a likewise exciting and informative program for anyone, be it talented newcomer or other player of the music sector.

Further information and registration can be found on the official ACCES website.