German rapper Megaloh hit the top ten German album charts once again. The album is called “Regenmacher“ (eng. “rainmaker“) and shows a shift in the rapper’s lyrics from private topics toward political ones. This becomes especially obvious while listening to “Wohin” (eng. Where to go?). The song is being told from a migrant’s perspective, whose story it also portraits and talks about the specific questions and problems migrants face. His mother being a refugee from the Biafra War has certainly influenced the song.

“It was important to me to state my position on this. Everyone has their own opinion regarding this but no one truly thinks about it. I am convinced that far more people secretly have an opinion that’s something like a “The boat is full”-mentality. But if they knew their mobiles would not work without African ores and what happens with the food waste after we ate the chicken wings, they would think differently and would not speak derogatively about ‚economic refugees‘.”

Megaloh’s music is a reference to his spiritual home Africa. The rapper and his musical companion Ghanaian Stallion are using samples from Ghana and Nigeria, such as unreleased recordings of Tony Allen, an artist Megaloh has worked with in the past.

“The African flow was very important to me. The question of identity was something that influenced me from my early childhood up until now. When I went to Nigeria in 2012, I felt a  very strong connection and sensed many familiar things: scents, sounds, atmospheres but also feelings and opinions. I was there only for a short time but many things began to make sense to me. That’s why I wanted the idea of the diaspora to be reflected musically on this album .”

In Megaloh’s new single “Oyoyo” the thoughts about life in the diaspora are quite present. The track is a feature with reggae artist Patrice, originally from Sierre Leone and Musa who raps in Pidgin English and German. The chorus was sung in Igbo by Chima Ede.