While Marcus Miller accompanied the triumphal comeback of Miles Davis in 1980, nobody suspected how much talent that 21 years old Boy had. Soon the extraordinary bass player made a mark as a all rounder in different instruments( especially the exotic bass clarinet), a producer, a composer and an arranger.

He shows all his facets in his dazzling and stylistic album “ Afrodeezia”. This album is also a sign of paying tribute to his African ancestors.

The UNESCO appointed him as ´the Artist for Peace` and as the speaker for slave Route Project. That gave him the idea for his new album “Afrodeezia”.

Music has a way of speaking directly to the soul“, he said, „in a way that’s much harder to do with words. We travel all around the world and, even though I can’t speak the language in some of the places we play, the language of music seems to be understood everywhere. Because of that, I think we make great ambassadors.“

The melody and the Rhythm brought from the African Slaves is so powerful that the music can change the world. The groovy new album from miller would be the change for the African people. In all moments you can feel the Power of Music, which make a bridge between the modern and the traditional Afro- American music.

This video gives an idea of that powerful music:


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