Aisher Philly, who called Philly Ojala with right name, is Kenya’s first female professional DJ and gains more and more prominence and popularity in the German show biz.
It took only less than a year until she found herself together on the stage with long established DJs. Particularly her agile with the digital controller and her sense of rhythm makes her individually. This also noticed clubs and African parties. According to Pierra Makena, a leading female DJ in Kenya, the profession of a DJ is no longer one for people with a lack of school education. Rather more and more DJs in Kenya have a university degree. And as Philly proves women can also accomplish to carry successfully on this profession.
Philly was born in 1992 in Kenya. She started as a member in the school choir where she deeply impressed her teachers. Her love for music increased and she wanted as often as possible listen and play music.
She later began spinning at private birthdays as well as house parties. However, the chances of building up a reputation in the man-dominating branch were extremely bad. The fact that she was not put off therefrom proves one of her successful stories:
In February she took part in a competition in Frankfurt, Germany where they searched the best African DJ. Her competitors mainly consist of experienced West-African DJs. The jury also came from West Africa. She stunned the public ears with her music and asserted herself against her opponents.
Thus, her colleagues should beware this year.