On the 5th of August, the first Kenya ChildVision Charity Event is going to take place in Wiesbaden. With this, the organiser Kenya ChildVision seeks to finance the construction of an orpahanage in Bursia, Kenya. Located in one of the economically weakest areas in Kenya, this is an attempt to help children who were left behind in rural regions by their parents in order to seek for jobs in urban areas.

By trying to give these orphans improved and encouraging life chances, Kenya ChildVision calls up for a jointy and entertaining saturday programme from 12 to 10pm. A special focus is emphasized on mediation of African culture: drumming workshops, circus acrobatic, several possibilitees to explore traditional African dishes and drinks as well as live performances on stage are about to take place and make this a special and enjoyable event.

Among them German- Kenyan musician Leila Akinyi. Born in Kenya and raised in Cologne since age 6, she rose to certain fame as a song writer, rapper and singer throughout the last years, especially since the release of her single ‚Morgenkämpfer‘ (english: morning fighter). Her song texts are particularly about balancing her African identity and heritage and her life in Germany. Leila Akinyi’s texts capture the true essence of the event: the cultural exchange between Germany and Africa, shaped through a common and shared togetherness and cooperation.

Kenya ChildVision’s charity event provides an appealing opportunity to gain insight into Kenya’s flourishing and lucent culture and with this doing something good and helpful.

More information on the organisation and how to support it financially on www.kenya-childvision.org.