Integration. Mitmachen. (Integration.Participate.) is an initiative of MoneyGram to call on people to actively contribute to integration. MoneyGram itself supports numerous integration projects in the fields of culture, education and sports and creates its own projects. MoneyGram is always happy to support new integration projects within the framework of Integration.Mitmachen and tries to stay in constant contact with associations, representatives of foreign communities and all those who are concerned about the topic. To participate, you simply have to fill out a form and present the project that you want to be supported.

One of these projects is the „Africa! Community Award „, which MoneyGram offers once a year. There are four African clubs in Germany, which are particularly distinguished by their commitment to the African society here or the people in Africa. African associations and organizations from the categories of cultural association, sports club, event organizer and aid organization currently have the chance to apply on for the „Africa! Community Award „. A five-member jury of two MoneyGram representatives and three high-ranking members of the African community in Germany will finally price the four winners. In addition to an extra dose of publicity, the winners will also get prize money in the amount of € 1,000.00.