After a first breakthrough success with his feature of Drake’s hit ‚One Dance‘ in the international music scene, Nigerian singer/ song writer Wizkid was lately occupied with elaborating an international fan base through launching various new tracks. Now, the waiting has paid off: The recent release of his new album ‚Sounds From The Other Side‘ is now another attempt to catch praise and establish a fan and success base.

Wizkid, who is already a celebrated superstar in his home country Nigeria, evolved into a well-known artist in the international afrobeats and hip hop scene throughout the last years and with this became a promising artist who gained more and more attention from media around the globe. ‚Sounds From The Other Side‘ is now his big chance for a breakthrough in the US, for which his commonly well-perceived Drake-features were a promising start.

‚I don’t neccessarily want to move abroad‘, Wizkide states in an interview about his growing success in the US with the Nigerian portal The Net. ‚I just want to make good music for the world. I don’t really have in mind to move to the US. I have my own fanbase here in Africa. I want to maintain it and hope, it’s going to grow bigger.‘

For his new album, Wizkid got big names as featuring supports. Besides Chris Brown, Major Lazor, Ty Dolla $ign and Trey Songz, his creative buddy Drake is of course represented on ‚Songs From The Other Side‘ with his summer hit ‚Come Closer‘ aswell.

In his subtle texts, Wizkid even collaborates with music legends like Bob Marley. On his track ‚Naughty Ride‘, he begs a girl to stay after a date. The refrain is taken up on elements of Bob Marley & The Wailer’s Song ‚Ride Natty Ride‘:

Ride, naughty ride

Ride, naughty ride

Oh, my girl, naughty ride, ride, ride

Ride, naughty ride

‚Ride Natty Ride‘ has been released in 1979. The song deals with riots against the miserable circumstances in society with ’natty‘ referring to ‚chic‘ dreads, a typical kind of Rastafari. The track ‚Riding‘ on Wizkid’s album further encourages the listener to overcome struggles in life. In the original version, Marley sings about the power of will:

Ride, Natty, ride

Go there, Dready, go there

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