The designer Aisha Obuobi is from Ghana and founded her fashion label ‚Christie Brown‚ in 2008, in Accra. She borrowed the brandname from her grandmother, who inspired her in fashion. Aisha has always been surrounded by fashion, because her grandma Christie Brown was a seamstress and created colorful, elegant African clothes. With Christie as her role model, Aisha started to experiment with fabric to breathe new life into her warrobe. The constantly positive feedback from her friends finally encouraged her to launch her own fashion label.

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She defines her style as Neo-African descreet. That means Aisha mixes African streetwear with traditional elements and international trends. This is how she develops something new and modern without loosing the African roots. The fabrics that Aisha uses are luxurious, the colors are vibrant, the patterns are sublte and the cuts are exceptional. She is excited about asymmetry; this technique creates flowing and swinging pieces of clothes. The final compositions are elegant, exotic, and yet ready-to-wear. She even designed a special accessories line for ‚Christie Brown‘. The jewelery is mostly made out of wood, pearls and feathers.

Meanwhile, Aisha Obuobi gained quite some publicity worldwide and reached significant milestones in her career. Her collections are presented on international runways and the photo series of her work can be found in famous, glossy magazines like Vogue. Even international celebrities like Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and Alicia Keys already wore ‚Christie Brown‘. The brand pays homage to the vibrant culture of Ghana – inspired by the zeal and passion of African women. Now, the luxury fashion label makes this Neo-African style available to women around the world. Aisha helps traditional, African fashion to blossom again and creates a new perspective on it. That is how she gets us excited!

Aisha Obuobi started her career at a very young age, which is why she had to prove herself many times. Some members of her field didn’t take her seriously because of her age and gender; they assessed her goals and visions to be unrealistic.  Aisha didn’t let them bring her down. She always believed in herself, never gave up and fullfilled her dreams! We are delighted and wish to see a lot more of her creations in the future!