The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) promotes and supports German Schools worldwide. They tie important connections between the German and the local culture. That is why, the IHK annually awards the prize „students building bridges worldwide“; to underline the significance of German international schools and to support their important projects. 140 international schools in 71 countries were invited to take part in the competition.


Three award winners were honoured for their great projects in „the House of Economy“ in Berlin this May. Representatives of many international schools from all over the world atended the event, as well as Politicans and people from the private sector. The winners of this evening were FEDA Madrid, the Goethe School Buenos Aires and the German School Nairobi. The prices alltogether have a value of 120.000 Euro.

Quelle: PASCH/Cordula Flegel


The German School Nairobi made the third place and hereby won 20.000 Euro for their project „the value of learning“. This project was developed in cooperation with the Star Kids School in Nairobi and the vocational college Höxter in Germany. The students of the German School in Nairobi meet with the children from the Star Kids School 14 times each year to learn from each other and with each other. The Star Kids School is situated in a slum in Nairobi and is not only a school but also a refuge and a home for children from the streets who don’t have any prospects otherwise. That is why, the promotion and preservation of this school is a big matter and the project provides great support.


Foto: DIHK/Paul Perry


Both schools and all students benefit tremendously from the cooperation. Friendships develop, mutual understanding arises and new ideas come up. They research together, play music or do sports. For example, the children from the Star Kids School come to the labs of the German School to conduct research in the natural sciences together. Because laboratory classes are mandatory for graduating high school in Kenya and the equipment is just too expensive for the Star Kids School.


Furthermore, a part of the project is called „many-colored and freedom“. In this project students learn about topics like equality and intercultural coexistence through music and dancing. Students of both schools develop thematically fitting dances and songs and perform them together.


Though the mutual exchange of the two schools does not stop there. The German School works together with teachers from a vocational college in Germany to introduce professional apprenticeships after the German model to Kenya. Apprenticeships to be a plumber or a painter should be implemented for the students of the Star Kids School at the German School in Nairobi until 2020.