On 17th of September will be the annual conference, the Ghana country forum. On 7th November will be a big decision about the political development. After a lot of discussions ghana will vote for a new parliamant and a new president.

A big issue at this conference are the economic problems. Ghana was one of the quick growing economies until there were some massive problems in the industries. High inflation rate, increasing foreign indebtedness and declining domestic demand are tragic causes of the economic intrusion. The everyday life of the Ghana community is also affected.

The issue about refugees will be a big point as well. The young immigrants from Ghana are supported from the Ghanaian diaspora for better chances in Germany. In May 2016 an agreement of general partnership between Ghana and Nordrhein- Westfalen was signed.

The Ghana country forum should be a platform for the German-Ghanaian relationship. The Ghana forum coorperates with the Ghana council NRW, the ‚Verein junger deutsch-afrikaner‘, the ‚Dortmunder Netzwerk Afrido‘ and the ‚Auslandsgesellschaft NRW‘.


Here is the schedule of the day and some information at a glance:


Saturday the 17th September. 2016

11:30 am : Greeting from the organizer

11:30 am: Ghana before the election 2016 and the economic postition in the country

12:30 am: Break with Ghanaian specialities

01:30 pm: The new partnership Ghana- NRW

02:00 pm: Refugees from Ghana

03:00 pm: Coffee break

03:30 pm: Best practise: experience and information about the partnership

05:00 pm: End of the event



Ghana Länderforum Jahrestagung
Saturday the 17th September 2016, Dortmund
Auslandsgesellschaft NRW e.V.
Großer Saal, 3. Ebene
Steinstraße 48, 44147 Dortmund

Registration until 05.09.2016 per Mail: ghana.forum.nrw@gmail.com or telephone: 0251/2390606