Whoever arrives in another country often has difficulties to familiarise oneself with the new law and rules – especially when they are only available in an unknown language. In order to help refugees and migrants to get along, the German government has now drawn up a brochure in which the basic concepts and German law are explained. This document explains the meaning of the laws and how they are used in daily life in a simple way.

In the introduction, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees states: “The early stages in Germany are not always easy. Maybe, you feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of new information. In the beginning, many things will be strange and unusual. In this brochure, we would like to give you orientation and to help you understand life here in Germany.” Among other things, the brochure gives an answer to questions on the meaning of equal rights in Germany or the consequences of freedom of press and opinion.

The booklet is part of the overall concept of the ministry which wants to provide orientation to the newcomers. It is also planned that short movies are to appear in the next months in order to explain the new country to the migrants with the help of pictures. So far, the brochure has been published in German, Arabic, English, Farsi, French and Kurdish. The English edition can be downloaded here and you find more information on the homepage of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.