For the first time the Human Rights Film Festival takes place in Berlin from 20th to 26th September 2018. In the spirit of inspiration and information the visitors can take a look at unfamiliar worlds and are confronted with the human rights issue and humanitarian crisis.


Organized by the aid agency “Aktion gegen Hunger” the festival focuses on the refugee movement. The topic is not only covered by documentaries but also by panel discussions and official exchanges of information.


At the Babylon, the Sputnik Kino and at the Hackesche Höfe Kino about 20 films from all over the world will be presented.


Gepostet von Berlin Human Rights Film Festival am Freitag, 21. September 2018


The Film Festival and film as a medium creates a platform for people to campaign for their rights together, no matter which origin, culture or religion they have or which language they speak.


The agency DDB Berlin in cooperation with the sponsor Fritz-Kola translated the topic of the Festival into a tangible subject: During the festival there will be sold Fritz-Kola bottles with special labels. Instead of the company founders faces there will be the faces of refugees, of protagonists in the presented films, on the label.


With this campaign the refugees are not only given faces, furthermore the drinks company presents the stories of the shown refugees.


“We are looking forward to contribute more awareness for the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin with this campaign”, says Kathrin Jesse, the Managing Director of DDB Berlin, “with the takeover of the logo and the stories on the inside label of the bottles we are able to make their fates tangible – and with Fritz-Kola we strike at the heart of the Berlin society.”


Fritz-Kola verleiht Geflüchteten ein Gesicht auf dem ersten Human Rights Festival in Berlin! #fritzkola #humanrightsfestival #berlin

Fritz-Kola makes the fates of refugees tangible at the first Human Rights Festival in Berlin! #fritzkola #humanrightsfestival #berlin