… exotic, delicious, fresh…

Try eating yourself through the african continent:

How about a north-african Taboule and east african Samosas for starters, to south african Durban Chicken curry as a main course and west-african Boff Boff for dessert?

The varying menu offers exotic meat delicacies, besides freshly prepared dishes, and a range in african wines, beers, soft drinks and cocktails.

In Pan Africa, nigerian chef Frank Anyangbe and his team cook for you: You can find vegan, vegetarian and meat delicacies from all parts of Africa. Typical ingredients are plantains , Yams, Cassava, sweet potatoes, mangos, peanuts and coconut milk.

Pan Africa stands for kindly served delicacies from all parts of Africa.

Pan Africa can be seen on three programmes this fall!

KabelEins will be starting it off at 5.55 pm:


In November the recordings of rbb will be aired:

http://www .rbb-online.de/doku/die/die-welt-in-berlin/index.html

The appointment for the contribution of the ‚Deutsche Welle‘ is still pending.

Tuning in is certainly interesting, swinging by the restaurant is even better!