Shakespeare as inspiration, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X as friends – the US Civil Rights Fighter Dr. Maya Angelou is not just one of the most impressive and admirable personalities for a lot of people, but also a great idol. Today would have been her ninetieth birthday, a reason to remember her life’s work.

During her time, she had many occupations: journalist, actress, poet, singer, writer, but above all, she was a fighter. She fought for justice, for life, for love. Despite her rough childhood, pervaded by abuse and homelessness, Maya Angelou taught herself how to turn fear, pain and loss into something brilliant. Writing became her outlet and her works belong to the most significant ones of Afro-American literature. The moving and shocking novel „I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings“ is based on her own childhood during segregation. In 2005, she was awarded an honorary doctor’s degree and was described as a „towering figure of American culture“ by Wake Forest University, her former employer.

The message that „love liberates“ is as truthful as it is necessary in today’s world. And so, her birthday reminds us of the value and importance to love yourself  and especially to love others!