There will be the Diaspo Awards in Frankfurt on Saturday. The event is the biggest African awarding in Germany. There will be a lot of people from the Afro Showbiz who get honoured. At this gala there will not just be African DJ´s from whole Germany, but also Event Promoter and other artists. Those who are nominated will be split up into different categories, also concerning different regions in Germany and like last year there will also be prestigious people for sure.

The event starts at 20:00 o´clock where the artists will walk over a red carpet . At 22:00 o´clock is awarding time which will take until 24:00 o´clock. After this we expect a spectacular performance by Debordo Leekunfa and Awilo Longomba.

At 01:00 o´clock we look forward for the Aftershow Party, which you should not miss. Also newcomer will have a chance to be honoured because this is also a category in the competition. We wonder who of the artists will win a price and we will inform you about the results.