The organization Global Fenster.eV consists of seven members from the countries Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Germany, Ghana, Romania and Cameroon. The aim of the organization is to connect different cultures and tradition, in terms of music, dance, education, fashion, social activities and cultural diplomacy. Presently, they are working on a project called „Großstadt Jungle“. „Großstadt Jungle“ is a multi–cultural unscripted reality series about daily life of immigrants in Europe. Their goal is to connect different cultures by creating a different, unique and educative series, something new on European televisions and social media networks. By doing so, they provide a platform for our youths to exhibit their creative talents without protocols and barriers. They believe that, this collective efforts will go a long way to reduce stereotype images and fight racism.

The screenwriter and Nollywood film producer Elvis N. Ololo has so far produced two successful Nollywood films. The film „Money Drop“ was produced in 2013 and was released in the same year. The second film called „Silent Moment“ was recorded in Ghana and Germany. The film was broadcasted in Germany, in the Berlin cinema Moviemento and in Silverbird’s Cinesmas Accra Ghana. In the interview with us he talks about his intention of his new project „Großstadtjungle“, his entry from Nigeria to Germany, why he is making films and how he wants to fight racism with the camera and support the African diaspora in Germany and Europe. The detailed interview is here.

In „Behind the scenes“ you have exclusive insights into the first filming of the series:

We will keep you up to date concerning further information about the series!