The former US-president Barack Obama arrived for the first time after his retirement (from being the President of the USA) in Kenya, his country of origin, to visit his family. After that, he plans to go to South Africa to participate at the „Nelson Mandela Birthday tradition“.



Obama first met the Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta and the opposition leader, Rail Odinga. He participated in the inauguration of a sports and vocational center founded by his sister, Auma Obama.

„Given that his own mission under the Obama Foundation is to inspire and empower people to change the world, his attendance at this event at our ancestral home, where our father was laid to rest, is of great significance to me,“ commented Aula Obama.

Barack und Aula have different mother’s but the same father. 2009 Auma has been part of Barack’s visit in Kenya. She introduced about 5000 people to him.

The Kenyan society warmly welcomes Obama with: hashtags like #Obamareturns #Obamakaributena on Twitter, with murals of him on streets and bars even named drinks like „Obama brew“ after him.

The center in Siaya county will help young people with their education and financially support their communities. Through that, it is similar to the „Obama Foundation“.

After that, Obama will visit South Africa and meet 200 new members of the Obama Foundation there.

„President Obama looks forward to meeting these emerging leaders for the first time, hearing about the extraordinary work they are doing across Africa, and discussing how the Obama Foundation can support their civic leadership development,“said Katie Hill, Obama’s spokeswoman.