Natural appreciation of all people as full members of society, that is the aim of New Generation Berlin e.V. which has been founded by Sonja Prinz in 2008. The charitable association contributes with its work to global learning, empowerment of children and adolescents of African origin and their families as well as developmental education.

The association will organizes the African Youth Day with a children’s musical and many more other activities for old and young.

Intercultural musicals like the Afro-German HipHop-Reggae children’s musical „Papiere, Papiere“ are produced on a regular basis. The musicals, which promote the intercultural dialogue, are subsequently also set to music as radio play. Currently the emphasis of the musical workshop in Berlin is on the West African country Mali and in Potsdam on the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The association’s aim is to openly fight racism but there are also indirect racist statements and prejudices as well as cultural misunderstandings which distort the image of the African continent. The association actively addresses this negative image with its messages and projects and for this purpose aims at expanding its network on a national and international basis.

There are several options for interested parties to become active, in bureau- or PR-tasks or the implementation of different events. Moreover, the association can be supported by a donation or as ambassador fighting against prejudices. For more detailed information please have a look at