The hunt for wildlife in Africa began about 150 years ago. Since then, the variety of wildlife has been drastically reduced:

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Animals like elephants and lions will cease to exist in the wild in the near future unless poaching is abolished.

On the one hand, there are ecologically reasonable and sustainable hunting safaris where over populated species are hunted.

– in this hunt, hunting ground and season are chosen by strict rules and monitoring. This is about protecting species and preserving wild species in their natural habitats.

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Big game hunt is done by „trophy collectors“ which only purpose is for profit. This type of hunt has to stop: both the locals and international nature and conservation organizations have been campaigning for Africa’s animal protection for years.

You, as a simple citizen, can support these organizations not only financially, but also through active participation – tackling that problem and engaging in Africa’s animal protection yourself is easier than you think.

There are numerous opportunities to support the animal protection organizations in the national parks:


  1. Travel Works: This organization offers various projects that you can support by volunteering. An elephant project in Namibia, a monkey project in South Africa and many other exciting projects are waiting for you! There you will have the unique opportunity to live and work together with locals and to make your personal contribution to Africa’s animal protection.

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  2. This organization is also happy about volunteers who are interested in the conservation of the „Big Five“ – ​​elephant, rhino, buffalo, hippo and lion – and many other species that can be found in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Exciting projects with elephants, monkeys, big cats and many more are offered here.
  3. Live&learn: Similar to, Live & Learn focuses on animal protection in South Africa, where, by the way, 6% of all mammals worldwide live. As a volunteer, you have the

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    opportunity to contribute to the protection of endangered species of flora and fauna in selected conservation and research programs, as well as helping to educate the environment and educate international visitors and indigenous children and adolescents.

The three organizations are obviously just a small selection: in the field of volunteer service and internship, there are hundreds of ways to support animal protection in Africa.