Chancellor Angela Merkel started her three day African-Tour on Sunday, 9th October 2016. She visited Niger, Mali and Ethiopia. Focus based on the refugee crisis.

For now very few refugees are coming from Niger to Germany, the country is too poor. But it established itself as a pivot for refugee routes. Right before her departure Merkel said in a Podcast Video “ I Believe, we must take a far greater interest in Africa’s destiny. […] The well-being of Africa is in Germany’s interest”.

Niger has the highest birth rate and especially education opportunities shall/should help to clarify things and stop young girls from being forced into marriage. There’s a reception camp for refugees near the school in Niamey. Germany is going to spend 10 to 15 Million Euro for the international migration organization, which is leading this camp, to stop the flow of migrants. The Deal is: Germany supports the education in Niger and helps opening new opportunities and Niger makes sure, that less illegal refugees make their way to Europe through organized traffic gangs.

Germany recorded the arrival of over 890,000 migrants last year. Most of these refugees are from the war-ravaged countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, while many also fled economic hardships across the African continent.

Merkels African-Trip showed her, that safety is the key. There are active terrorist groups in many African states who jeopardize development aid volunteers and those fragile structures. Merkel says “Safety and development are inseparable”. Essential modifications to assure nutrition, education and economical chances are a “legal manner” and that’s why it is so important, that young people see those changes so “Africa won’t loose their greatest minds”.