Mr Amadou Diallo is the CEO of DHL Freight in Germany. He is one the very few African immigrant who have a prestigious position in a German company.
Diallo was born in Senegal, lived in France and the U.S and now lives in Germany. Coming from a poor family he talks about his own life as a immigrant and also about the life of other immigrants in Germany.
His Life was tough and his way to this position was not easy at all. It was a fight for success and he said that you have to fight to succeed.
To speak from his own experience he pointed that in Germany foreigners are represented as people who can´t do much. He indicated that, everyone with talent should be threaten with respect and also become a chance to prove themselves.
Ambition and Courage made Diallo succeed and proved his hard work. He also helps the African community in other ways. As the Chairman of the supervisory board of Amref Heath Africa in Germany, he campaigns for the medical problems and improvements in Africa.
He also criticize the media for describing Africa as a State with constant problems. “ Africa has more opportunities than catastrophes” he explains. He also can´t understand the lack of opportunities for immigrants in Germany. Due to the missing respect and absence of confidence, lot of Africans end up driving taxi or cleaning houses.

Enclosed there is a video of Amadou Diallo talking about immigration in Germany.