The Afro Beauty Festival caused quite a furore last year and goes into its second round on the 30th of July in Cologne. This year’s festival goes along with the Miss Nappy Germany election. The singer Naiyango will open the festival with a concert.

As last year, the festival offers 4 workshops which will take place between 2 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. :

  • Make- up class: 3 talented make-up artists show how to put on make-up perfectly with your own make-up products. You can find the secret about your own face at this workshop.
  • Hair-care: healthy hair reflect your beauty. The passionate activist Bonzenga Mbongo shows tips and tricks how to take good care of your hair. She will not only hold this workshop but also lead through the Miss Nappy show in the evening.
  • DIY: My Hair Chantilly Cream: Céline Théodose is a french teacher, editor and blogger. The hair expert will show you how to prepare the Shea Butter Creme for your hair.
  • DIY: Accessoires: Youb’s Design is the label of the creative Aida. She will show you how to produce a tie from Wax-material and how to pimp boring pieces of jewelry. In her beauty world everything that seems to be useless get more beautiful.

You can take part at the workshops with a valid Ticket which you can get here.

Additionally to the workshops there will be a motivational speech of Dr. Mbianda Papdo on the topic „Live a life that matters“. Afterwards she also offers a professional hair diagnosis with an electric magnifying glass.


At 8 p.m. the Miss Nappy Germany Night will start. 8 candidates will present the fashion of Afro Ô NaturalThe judges will be Natou Sakombi (activist from Brussels and CEO of the magazine ‚Reines et Heroines d’Afrique‘), Wopana Mudimu (activist and blogger from Cologne), Christian Akulayi (CEO of the brand ‚Alleon Cologne‘) and Mauryne Epie (Organizer of Miss Cameroon Germany).

Here you find all necessary information: