Nneka is the daughter of a Nigerian and a German, grew up in the Nigerian town of Warri and emigrated with 18 to Hamburg. She tries to combine hip-hop with dub, soul, reggae and afrobeat. Her self-written texts deal with her life in Germany and her childhood in Nigeria. She made her breakthrough in 2004, when she performed without own publications in the opening program of Sean Paul in the Hamburg city park.


Riles Kacimi, born in France, is a 21-year-old Algerian rapper, songwriter and producer. He is a true DIY artist: he built his own studio at home, writes his own lyrics, produces his own videos and raps in his own unique way. His most famous music video „Brothers“ reached 28 million views on Youtube.

Simphiwe Dana

She comes from South Africa and sings mainly in her mother tongue isiXhosa, a South African dialect. Her music ranges between gospel, jazz, hip-hop, pop and soul. Her songs, which she composes and writes herself, often deal with the oppression of the black population in her country, her own traditions, and the pursuit of freedom and self-determination. In South Africa she is a well-known star, in Europe she is mainly known in the world music scene.

Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade is a Nigerian pop singer. She is known both nationally and internationally. At first she was a member of the band Noty Spices, meanwhile she makes her career alone. In 2015, she won the Afrimmas Best Female West African Award and the Best Female Award at the MTW Africa Music Awards.


Freshlyground is a South African band. The band members are from South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe and got together in Cape Town. Their music combines elements of African music with blues, jazz and independent music. In 2010 they had produced the World Cup’s anthem „Waka Waka“ with Shakira  .


Ghali is a Tunisian-Italian rapper who first started his career as part of the collective Troupe d’Elite. The 25-year-old raps in Italian and sometimes puts Tunisian or Arabic words in his texts. He raps about immigration and the prejudices along trap beats. His music videos helped him to become well known on the internet. In 2016, the single „Ninna Nanna“ appeared on Spotify with which he could immediately reach the top of the Italian singles charts.

Alsarah & the Nubatones

Alsarah is a Sudan-born singer-songwriter and ethnomusicologist. When she was 7, her parents, both human rights activists, fled to Yemen, then in 1994 to the US, where they applied for asylum. In 2010 she founded the band Alsarah & the Nubatones with her sister and three other members. She mainly sings her powerful and expressive songs in her mother tongue.


Youssou N’Dour is a Senegalese singer and composer as well as Minister of Culture and Tourism in Senegal. He developed today’s pop music of Senegal’s „Mbalax“. He sings Wolof in his native language and is one of the most influential artists in Africa. His breakthrough was in 1994 with his song „7 Seconds“. The 59-year-old is internationally well-known and has received numerous awards for his work.

Fatoumata Diawara

Fatou is a Malian singer, actress and dancer. Already as a child, she joined the dance group of her father and became a well-known Didadi dancer in Wassoulou, the hometown of her parents. In her music, she combines Wassoulou flair with an international touch. She got access to the drama scene at the age of 12 when she was sent to her aunt who was also an actress. In addition to her concerts, she can be seen in films, plays, operas and musicals.