A festival can be an incredible experience. Whoever loves African music and is still looking for an action-packed travel destination this summer, should consider one of our favourite festivals in Africa!


It should be difficult to find a festival that mixes as many cultures as Oasis. Inbetween a stunning scenery and relaxing atmosphere there is plenty of great music acts from all over the world. A true oasis! The diverse background of both artists and visitors does not play a role, making this festival one of the most modern and exciting ones. Find more information about the event and tickets here.

Location: Marrakesh, Morocco

 Lake of Stars

If you are looking for a breath-taking festival site, the Lake of Stars Festival offers exactly what you are looking for. Every September Lake Malawi and its surroundings is filled with music, art and loads of life. In addition to enjoying the picturesque setting, festival goers may listen to a variety of world-wide renowned musicians. This year’s line-up includes Scottish band Frightened Rabbits and African singer-songwriter Kim of Diamonds. Check out the official website for more information here.

Location: Lake Malawi, Tanzania

Afrika Burn

A site of art, music, costume and performance – the annual festival is just as vibrant and overwhelming as it sounds. It is inspired by the great Burning Man and follows the same 10 principles which include Radical Inclusion, Participation, Radical Self-Expression, Communal Effort and Civic Responsibility. As a result, the Afrika Burn creates an amazing community that does not just know how to celebrate, but also how to treat each and everyone in a loving way. Moreover, it is a lot easier to get tickets for the African version. Here you may find the official website, here is a video that outlines unforgettable impressions.

Location: Tankwa Karoo, South Africa