Everybody knows them, the typical struggles in the kitchen. The water boils over, avocados turn brown, or tupperware starts to smell. That is why, we collected a few helpful tips on how to avoid these inconveniences.

Overboiling Water

Just put a spoon on top of the pot – because it has a colder temperature, it makes the foamy bubbles burst.

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Cooking Okra

Don’t put the lid on the pot, if you cook okra. This way, the okra stays elastic and soaks up the sauce.

I start liking #okra, and this was my first time having this pretty #ladyfingers. I didn't know how to cook it, but I finally made it, simplest as usual; 1. 5 tbs of #sunflowerseedoil 2. 100ml of #maizena water 3. 3 garlic 4. Small amount of #tapiocaleaves 5. Sliced Okra 6. 100ml of water 7. Salt 8. Soy black sauce 9. Tomato Sauce Aaaaand I worried that It would have tasted weird 😂, but I went oooon…, heating the oil, added in the garlic until looked brown, then added in the tapiocaleaves along with water for 5 minutes to let it tender before I mixed in with the rest ingredients. Any ideas to have #vegan okra ideas??? Just leave your comments👇👇👇👇😘 #yummilyhenny #vegandiet #veganfoodie #vegetarian

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Fry the Ogbono in a little bit of palm oil before you put it in your soup – you avoid lumps.


Before you store away your empty and closed tupperware, put some salt inside to avoid bad smells.

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If you have a leftover piece of your plantain, you should sprinkle lemon juice on the cut. This way, the plantain will stay fresh for longer.


Avocados turn brown very quickly after they are cut open. To avoid this, you can rub some olive oil on the fruit to prevent the oxidation.

Hard Butter

If your butter comes directly out of the fridge or freezer and is too hard to process, you can simply grate it. Especially, if the butter is not supposed to be warm or melted. Just use your cheese rub and grate the butter like cheese!

Store Sauce

If you have leftover sauce or canned liquids that you want to freeze, we recommend you to do that in an ice cube tray. You can unfreeze it in small, individual portion sizes – just the amount you need!

Cut Soft Cheese

Soft Cheese, like Brie and goat cheese, or cake can be a challenge to cut neatly. We recommend non-flavored dental floss to do it. Otherwise, half the cheese sticks to the knife.

Crystallized Honey 

If your honey has crystallized and you want liquefy it again, you can put the honey jar in hot water for about 10 minutes. The honey will be smooth and liquid again!