The YouTube internet platform offers everyone a chance to attract attention. Several of today’s celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, have started their career through YouTube. New trends come and go and right now the concept of vlogging is very spreaded. Vlogger are people who share their personal experiences with viewers, give advice on specific topics or express their opinions publicly in the form of video blogs. In this article we introduce you to the 10 most successful African youtubers. 

1. Casper Lee

Casper Lee started his vlogs in 2011. Today, the number of his subscribers exceeds to 7.5 million. Over the years, the young youtuber from South Africa has collaborated with many other celebrities such as Cara Delivigne, Shane Dawson or Channing Tatum. He also plays in different movies like „Spud 3: Learning to Fly“.

2. Luyando

If you are interested in hairstyles, you should definitely watch the youtube channel „Pure Estrogen“. Apart from hairdressing, you will also get the professional opinion of Luyando on hair accessories and products.

3. Ikenna Azuike

He became famous for his satirical videos about African politics. The channel „What’s up Africa“ ​​was even recognized by the BBC and is now part of the program „BBC World News“. Today Ikenna Azuike is one of the 100 most influential Africans and is often invited to hold TEDx talks.

4. Lorissa Akua

Lorissa Akua moved from London to Ghana in 2014 to fulfill her dream of working in real estate. Through her YouTube series „The Only Way is Ghana“ she tries to share both the successes and the problems on her way. In her videos she also shows important elements of the culture of Ghana, such as a traditional wedding.

5. Nikki Perkins

This youtuber deals mainly with beauty videos. Because of her talent, she has already appeared in famous magazines such as Vogue and Elle. Themes that are also dealt with by Nikki are fashion and motherhood. Her most famous videos are the ones of her engagement and wedding. In addition, she also works as a model.

6.  Sibu Mpanza

The videos by Sibu Mpanza deal with many current social problems and taboo topics such as sexual assault or racism. He started his vlog in 2014 and his dream is to one day to cooperate with his favorite brands.

7. Kangai Mwiti

Kangai Mwiti is one of the world’s most famous beauty bloggers on YouTube. She has achieved first place in the category MakeUp / Fashion at the first YouTube Awards in 2016.

8. Tameem Youness

His videos are characterized by a great variety. Viewers can chose from a lot of parodies as well as imitations of other vloggers. His current show „Rasseeni“ has over 70,000 viewers. Otherwise, he regularly takes care of his Instagram account, which is also very popular.

9. Don’t Jealous Me

Tolulope Ogunmefun has become famous by chance through a video uploaded by his friends on the Internet. His vlogs have gained popularity, so that he’s already been on tour in England and in the USA. He was even invited to a perform at the Harvard University, which is unfortunately known to few people.

10. Alpha Sky

In his videos, Alpha Sky often plays pranks or reviews different technologies. Apart from that, he takes care of his online presence on several other platforms like Instagram and also maintains his fashion blogs. In addition, the popular youtuber tries to collect money in order to supply schools with schoolbooks.